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Hi, I am Vera Casagrande. I am a lifestyle and fashion blogger and I know just how hard it is to start an online business from scratch, to grow a business and to make it successful. There are huge challenges that come along with competition, branding and credibility. The world is waiting for your amazing product and service and it’s up to you to deliver. Now.

Experience this unique marketing method that brings massive marketplace attention, website traffic & predictable sales.

Vera understood my content that reflected my brand an mission. Working with her we were able to create content that was original, effective and gorgeous.

Gina Bria - Hydration Foundation

It is not common to find someone so dedicated to their customers. Vera was able to identify an dissect my digital marketing needs resulting in tremendous growth of my email listing the first months! Highly recommended.

Mollie Mcglocklin - Nonverbal Group

Vera thoughtfully considered my needs and budget and executed on fantastic content for my brand. She lead me through her whole process and help me get a fresh perspective on my current marketing efforts and where to improve.

Albert Dahan - Drink Marcel

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As chic as wearing all black is, there’s just something I love about wearing white. Fresh, playful, and classic, it’s an instant style pick-me up. Despite that, white still can be daunting. There are so many rules and it’s so easy to stain, it’s enough to send anyone reaching for navy and black. Don’t panic!...


I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something kind of insulting about being charged $25 dollars to check a bag on a flight I paid $400 for. If you’re one of the many people who are also annoyed to have to pay for the privilege of having your bag ransacked by TSA and...

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Wellness Routine

I'm so excited because it's almost fall and I've got the some amazing tips here that will level up your wellness routine. (We all could use a bit more pampering, right?) Looking to take your self-care to a whole new level and feel rejuvenated, glowing, and full of energy? Look no further than NAO Wellness...

8 Happiness Rituals

Happiness is our life goal; it’s the end that all humans are striving for when they set out to create a life that’s meaningful to them. Unfortunately, happiness is a fickle beast, and we often have to take steps to make happiness a priority in our lives, otherwise, it’s way too easy to lose sight...